Field Spaniel Litter Information

Current and planned breedings

Our goal as responsible breeders is to do everything within our power to produce sound, healthy dogs who are good representatives of the breed standard. To that end, all potential parents will have their hips x-rayed at age two years and sent to OFA for evaluation. We also test for normal thyroid function and send those results to OFA for a clearance number. All potential parents will also have had their eyes examined regularly by a specialist and will have obtained a CERF (Canine Eye Research Foundation) clearance number. Our puppies will be thoroughly vet checked, vaccinated and evaluated for temperament by the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test at age 8 weeks.

We are delighted to speak with you and answer all of your questions about our litter. We strongly recommend that you visit the web site of our parent club, the Field Spaniel Society of America, at to learn what questions you should be asking any breeder from whom you are considering purchasing a puppy.

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